Amuse s2000 gt1 turbo drag tune
Gt6 (wheelie) s2000 gt1 turbo drag tune (1080p) - thenappster

This wheelie drag tune is crazy fast and will piss a lot of people off:d so watch and ill show you how to drag tune an s2000 gt1 turbo. This tune is hardly ever.

Gran turismo 6 ricer. stanced amuse s2000 gt1 turbo

The savior of the s2000 in this game! God they made them look so bad and then put this beaut into the game and make it 250000! Jeez. I hope you liked this.

Praianos tunes: amuse s2000 gt1 turbo

Gt6 honda s2000 06 drag tune 104 (1080p) - thenappster

This drag tune is for the honda s2000 and will leave a lot of people in your mirrors:d this tune is hardly ever beat, so i assure you will have a winning chance in.

Gran turismo 6 drift amuse s2000 gt1 turbo tsukuba circuit logitech g27 gt6

Drift lap around tsukuba circuit in the amuse s2000 with loads of power! Song is coyote kisses sunny day game: gran turismo 6 track: tsukuba circuit car:.

Gt6: 06 honda s2000 drag tune

I have had a few people ask for the honda s2000 drag tune so here it is. I also have a few more videos coming in the near future.

Gran turismo 6 amuse s2000 gt1 online test & tune settings tokyo route 246

Testing out one of my s2k gt1s online. Kinda crazy room lol. I was also experimenting with different compound tires on front and rear. Gran turismo 6 has fixed.

Gt6 drift build:amuse s2000 gti turbo drifting build and drifting setup

Gran turismo 6 drift build one of the biggest gran turismo gaming channel with daily uploads! Subscribe, rate and comment i read them all!:d give me a car.

Gt5 drift setup amuse s2000 gt1 turbo

Likessetups subsvideos.

Gran turismo 5: amuse s2000 gt1 turbo

What a car this is, looks is awsome shame you cant tune this bad boy still pulls very well, and the red dash what can i say. Love the recaro seats too.