Clay art white 3 tier tray

Nifty facebook , nifty buzzfeed, nifty videos

Nifty facebook , nifty buzzfeed, nifty videos nifty facebook , nifty buzzfeed, nifty videos number 1: how to make diy ice dye pillows link.

Play doh carrot, carrot with play doh, play doh princess, play doh cupcakes, play doh ice cream

Miniature alice in wonderland unbirthday cake polymer clay tutorial

Links plate tutorial: frosting tutorial: diy silicone tools.

Get organized: 4 jewelry storage diys

Here are four cute ways to organize your jewelry whether youre de-cluttering for the new year or just want to display your favorite jewels ;) also perfect as for a.

Polymer clay leonardo dicaprio sculpture!... fail but he won an oscar! yaay!

Help me make more videos:) a lot of rambling and an ugly sculpture that doesnt resemble leo dicaprio in the slightest.

Simon leach - burnishing a sculptured pot!

Hey this is fun!! Have a go!! Keep practicing. Sl.

Simon leach pottery tv - fine tuning the form!

Hands on workshops in my millheim studio see website for dates. donate if you appreciate! Subscribe!! Above all keep.

Diy tray for trickets

You can transform the lid of a paper maché box into an adorable trinket tray! Get a box at blitsy:

Decorating a raw pot with white slip with simon leach -

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Diy heirloom tea tray tutorial

Make a shabby chic heirloom tea tray from a picture frame! Ill show you how to make this charming conversation piece. This tutorial was sponsored by.