Homemade automatic fisherman plans
Homemade automatic fisherman

These are build plans taken from another youtube user. I made two slight modifications. 1 a styrofoam counterweight to add slack to the line 2: a swiveling.

Homemade automatic fishermen (7)

Via youtube capture.

Home made automatic fisherman, slammer

Demonstration of a home made automatic fisherman, slammer.

Home made automatic fisherman, slammer part 2 how to make the trigger

Part 2 instructions on making the trigger for your home made automatic fisherman.

Fishermen build concrete reefs to replace dead coral

Ap television waters near tumpaan village, north sulawesi, 1. Wide of ocean with healthy coral reefs 2. Close up of fish around reefs 3.

The awkward fisherman machine kinetic sculpture - flying pendulum escapement - table-top mobile

A table-top mobile of a fisherman, repeatedly throwing the line towards a tree. Driven by a sinking weight, it keeps moving for several minutes. Free plans and.

A fisherman spent three years building a 24-foot long lego boat

A lego-mad fisherman spent three years building the worlds biggest model of a us warship - only to find an american rival had beaten him by inches.

Beautiful tiny cottage by fishermans sheds

A few days ago we paid a virtual visit to hvide sande, a small fishing village in denmark, where some of the old fishermans sheds have been replaced by small.

Minecraft fishermans hut interior design

An example interior for my minecraft fishermans hut build. Enjoy! Fishermans hut tutorial: more house tutorials and interior.

How to make the ultimate electric worm getter!

Catch worms faster than ever before! Plug it in and watch the worms jump out of the ground! This is an easy way to catch all of the fishing bait you will ever need.