Anything like viber

Have you ever seen anything like this?

Guerra de apps: telegram vs viber vs whatsapp, qual o melhor?

Qual é o melhor aplicativo de mensagens? Telegram, viber ou whatsapp? Vamos tentar jogar um pouco de luz sobre este assunto para que você possa.

Viber last update: lets you delete messages by recipients phone which youve sent by mistake

Maybe you even go so far as to accidentally send the wrong message to the wrong person. No matter. The latest version of the android app will let you remove a.

Viber-like app: changing theme colors

This is an app similar to viber that we developed. This video demonstrates its theme changing feature. Contact us at if you are willing.

Viber-like app: group chatting feature

Viber-like app: messaging feature

Viber-like app: push notification feature

Who is fancy - boys like you ft. meghan trainor, ariana grande

Boys like you ft. Ariana grande and meghan trainor (animated video) download today! share/stream who is fancy on.

Viber-like app: phone verification feature

Free unlimited calls - mobile phone (no credit) android 2016

This apps allow you to make free calls on android and ios (iphone) devices for free.