Stockfish chess javascript
Chess 1.0 with javascript and stockfish engine

My chess program using pure javascript (no jquery here) with the open-source chess engine stockfish. By the way, my chess skill sucks. Dont laugh while.

Chess 4.0 with javascript and stockfish engine

Changes in this version - reorganized buttons changed the chess board to flat design - added the pause button - added more piece sets for player to choose.

Chess 2.0 with javascript and stockfish engine

Chess 3.0 with javascript and stockfish engine

Added the machine vs machine mode. The stockfish engine fights against itself. Blog twitter:

Programming a chess engine in pure javascript part 3 - jquery & first definitions

A tutorial series programming a chess engine in javascript note i use textwrangler for writing code on the mac. You can use any text editor you like on any os.

Installing the lightsquare chess server and client

After installing node etc - client installation begins at 1:07; server installation 4:02. This screencast shows the complete installation and setup procedure for.

Smallfish for stockfish: best chess app for iphone?

Review by: smallfish combines stockfish with an elegant user interface to challenge your chess skills, improve your game, and more.

Stockfish- getting involved with fishtest

The audio came out low for some reason, so youll have to turn it up) a short guide on setting up your fishtest worker and the features youre likely to see on the.

Stockfish chess for iphone & ipad review

Stockfish chess is a beautiful, universal chess application with a strong chess engine. It has several styles of play: passive, solid, active, aggressive or.

Stockfish chess engine strange move

Stockfish makes a strange move. Hopefully someone can let me know what the issue is and how to work around it, because id really like to be sure the engine i.