Youtube gohan's anger

Gohans anger theme extended

The best high quality version ive done, i also modified it a little so let me know what you think about it, enjoy. Dl link.

Gohans anger theme

Poetry in the form of music.

Epic dbz themes extended: gohan angers (ssj2 transformation)

Thank you based god.

Gohans anger theme extended

Gohans anger theme extended.

Dragon ball super gohan powers up for goku (w/ gohan angers theme)

Gohan powers up for goku to use his instant transmission. Dont forget to subscribe! I do not own any rights to this footage all rights go the rightful owners.

Dbz - gohan goes super sayian 2 at the world tournamentgohan angers theme

Nobody has a ssj2 world tournament transformation video with gohans signature theme, so here ya go:) i do not own onball is.

Dbz - gohan angers (ssj2) cover

Tabs, behind the scenes and more at my patreon: this one is probably the most requested dbz cover! Im glad to finally.

Gohan anger theme sampled rap beat - djfusion dbz

I dont know why i never sampled this hahahaha now i have enjoy fusion nation.

Gohan angers cover

Gohan angers rock & violin cover made on tyros3 by me download link:-

Gohan angers extended edition (with violin)

Thinking about doing some more work. 10 min.