Backward hand push ups
How to do a back clap push up

First step is to master your basic push ups. If you are not doing at least 20 well form push ups then the strength to commit to this move is simply not there.

Most push ups on the back of the hands carrying a 40 lb pack in one minute - guinness world records

The most push ups on the back of the hands in one minute carrying a 40 lb pack is 55 and was achieved by ngoc duc tran (germany) at the turn und festhalle.

Handstand pushups up stairs while going backwards- incredible

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Rumble in the bronx (1995) - morning exercise

Jcs morning exercise.

Mma and parkour strength: bridging push-ups and backward wall walks

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Shoulder pain from push ups? try this...

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Dark moon & darkside (pushup to backwards & backwards kamikaze)

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Reverse pushups - bodyweight exercise for building a bigger back!

More bodyweight back exercises: when it comes to bodyweight exercises for building a bigger back we often think that.

Home exercises with no equipment for the back muscles-includes reverse push-ups and table pull-ups

Great home workout for the back that can be done without any equipment.

Backward roll into pushup

Sometimes called a body blaster.