Anybody but mccain
John mccain had sarah palin,the only thing mitt romney has is anybody but obama

Barack obama veepstakes begin...anyone but clinton!

Despite its superficial appeal, this so-called dream ticket could be a nightmare for both: 1)hes trying to be a unifying force. Obamas appeal to independent.

Mccain financial crisis flip flops - abc news on

Charlie gibson: and with apologies for our technical difficulties, were going to turn back to the difficult economy, and the way the presidential candidates are.

Ann coulter on 72 reasons not to vote for john mccain.

Mccain attacks obama, but gets confused about iraq...again!

John mccain said this today in rochester, new hampshire: this is a clear choice that the american people have. I had the courage and the judgment to say i.

John mccain gets yelled at and called a traitor!!!!

Thetruthisfulloflies, when you find the truth, you will also find a lot of lies. I am going to do this until you either wake up or i die a martyr. If you dont wake up.

Former pow says mccain is not cut out to be president

Update: here is a new version of the video without the weird video artifacts that are in this one:.

Cnn: palin talks 2012, mccain aide speechless

Cnn, wolf blitzer: and this just coming into the situation room, the republican vice presidential candidate sarah palin now speaking out openly.

Mccain unsure about fiorinas golden parachute

Meredith vieira: and now to senator john mccain , who knows how crucial pennsylvania will be in deciding this election. He is campaigning across the.

Colin powell eviscerates mccains negative smear campaign

Press availability following his endorsement on meet the press. Destroys every mccain and republican talking points from ayers to terrorist to rep.