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Adventure island - tampa florida

Please rate comment and subscribe. adventure island is a water park in tampa check out my videos i have almost all of the rides.

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Most complete video of the entire park! Please rate and comment below. Tell me your favorite ride. We ride all of the major slides/rides at adventure island of.

Green and blue adventureland bowl slide (2012 edition)

Bowl slide at adventureland waterpark.

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Waterpark day.

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Ride with the u through busch gardens adventure island water park in tampa. Towering water slides, wave pool, lazy river, beaches.

Colossal curl water slide pov busch gardens adventure island tampa 2015

The awesome new for 2015 colossal curl water slide at busch gardens adventure island in tampa!

Adventure island tampa florida

Adventure of zee island.

Outlaw front seat on-ride hd pov 60fps adventureland

Although it was the second coaster built by cci (custom coasters international), outlaw was design by mike boodley, who would later go on to form great.

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Adventure island tampa

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