Generation axe rocks

Generation axe: zakk wylde (washington dc, april 24, 2016)

Zakk wylde generation axe warner theatre dc.

Zakk wylde

Generation axe royal oak music theater, zakk wylde, whipping post.

Did that really just happen to me? zakk wylde really up close

Zakk wylde teaser for the generation axe at the wiltern theatre in los angeles video.

Generation axe tour intro 4/24/16 washington dc

Generation axe: nuno bettencourt, zakk wylde steve vai, yngwie malmsteen, tosin abasi, washington dc.

Steve vai, zakk wylde, yngwie malmsteen, nuno bettencourt, and generation axe nycb theatre/ westbury

Live performance!

Sts9 acoustic roygbiv & dance re:generation 06.26.2011 (hornings hideout axe the cables set)

Immediately following the acoustic circus they went right into roygbiv & dance which were unreal. they all took solos during dance, and the energy was on.

Zakk wylde solos in the aisle on generation axe tour chicago

Zakk wylde, generation axe chicago .

Peavey generation exp with piezo demo

Thorough demo of why this guitar rocks. Played through a marshall lead 12 mini stack. If youre interested in the axe, ill sell it for the right price! Hit me up with.

Generation axe - nuno bettencourt and zakk wylde

Ryman auditorium- the best of nuno bettencourt and sideways with zakk wylde.

Generation axe chicago - me standing among the guitar gods