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The funny things kids say video

Hilarious compilation of some of the funniest things we have heard kids say over the last few years.

Cats saying no to bath - a funny cats in water compilation

Check out these funny cats in water freaking out. Cats saying no to bath is so hilarious. So if you want to see a cat saying no to bathing, enjoy these funny videos.

Funny ecards about pregnancy, pregnancy humor and sayings

Funny ecards about pregnancy, pregnancy humor and sayings if your pregnant there are a lot of things people dont understand and even though it is a.

Funny unlikely quotes by famous characters - funny videos laughing sayings humor sarcastic viral

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Learn funny german sayings/proverbs

You want to learn german? Then you need to learn all about the most famous german proverbs, how to pronounce them and what they mean! Proverbs are a.

Funny facebook status quotes and sayings

Funny facebook status quotes about: sex clever facebook status sleep dreams jokes weekend being drunk america it is what it is keeping it real truth.

The 14 most genius yearbook quotes

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Say what? funny french sayings

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Donald trump funny quotes - ultimate compilation 2016 ( presidential election candidate )

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Funny facebook statuses quotes & sayings

Funny facebook statuses quotes & sayings clever facebook statuses quotes about: clever facebook status school girls celebrity fighting creative.