Back knee tattoo

Getting a tattoo on my knee vlog thebrandonleecook

Instagram snapchat: mulattolee twitter: soundcloud:.

Really funny!! tattooing back of knee!!

Tattooing the back of my friends knee. Shes screaming and laughing at same time lol xxxx.

Rolando cornejo back of knee tattoo

Rolando cornejo getting back of knee color tattoo. Health tips: karate do:.

Tattoo artists & advice: what is the most painful place to get a tattoo?

The most painful places to get a tattoo are under the arms, along the rib cage and the lower back. The wrists, knuckles, hands, feet and ankles are also.

Tattoo aftercare helen anderson

I thought i would do a lil talk about tattoo aftercare and what works for me! Everyone has their own methods (like with everything) but its cool to discuss!

Big cyst on lower back!

This is one of those blackheads that you were waiting to see! I thought this was a blackhead, or a dilated pore of winer, but it proved to be an epidermoid cyst.

How to manage tattoo pain

Tattoos inevitably lead to some level of pain or discomfort. Heres a video with tips for managing tattoo pain after youve had one done. To read more on coping.

Kyrie irving coming back from injury

Kyrie irving training to come back from injury.

Conor mcgregor demos his capoeira kick on conan - conan on tbs

Conan highlight: conor thinks he might break out his meia lua kick on nate diaz and ping it across his head, but not before he nearly does it to conan.

Tbt cyst excision on upper back with overlying tattoo: an update

Its throwback thursday, and on this day i wanted to re-introduce one of my most favorite cyst excisions. Its one of my favorites for a few reason. 1. Hes a really.