Pecs activity pictures

Size container activity kit-pecs

Join pyramid consultant, jill waegenaere, ma, ccc-slp, as she talks about our size container activity kit. This kit includes three boxes of different sizes that.

Find-it beanbag activities set-pecs

Join pyramid consultant, donna banzhof, med, bcba, as she talks about one of our most popular pecs activity kits, the find-it beanbags activities set. This set.

Pecs-color container activity kit

Looking for an innovative, creative way to teach colors using the picture exchange communication system (pecs)? Order the color container activity kit.

Pecs-photo surprise activity kit

Need ideas for a pecs phase iv commenting activity? Order the photo surprise activity kit from pyramid educational consultants at! View this.

Activity binder

Our activity binder is designed to make pictures easily accessible for several learners during small group activities. The binder opens to an easel format, is great.

Pecs phase iii-demo

This demo video shows how to use the pecs phase iii app available for download on ipad and ipad mini. Need help teaching picture discrimination in phase iii.

Photo surprise activity kit

Join pyramid consultant, jo-anne matteo, ms, ccc-slp, as she talks about our photo surprise activity kit. This kit contains everything youll need for a fun,.

Nelly using pecs at school

The list could have been lower for easier access. The list were pictures of the teachers she would go to for different activities. What do you see that could be.

Story book activity kits

Books with repeated lines and predictable stories are great for pecs activities because the repetition and predictability provide a functional context for multiple.

Autism video nonverbal child - excerpt

The picture exchange communication system uses pictures to help the child to transition and complete daily activities like bathing. The pecs can be used for a.