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50 favorite firefly quotes (reloaded)

Ive reloaded my previous video without glitches, which means ive made a few small changes. The clips are still only roughly in order, though it starts at 50 and.

Firefly funny moments

Some of the funniest lines and favorite quotes from the firefly series starring nathan fillion. I do not own the clips or music in this video.

A ton of great firefly quotes

You cant take the sky from me! Find more at.

Firefly references on castle

Just a collaboration of references to firefly and serenity that have been made on castle.

Little quotes with: captain malcolm reynolds

Half of writing history is hiding the truth. - captain malcolm reynolds little quotes with mr. Bray 2014 all rights reserved. All images, music, audio and.

I aim to misbehave - serenity

A year from now, ten, theyll swing back to the belief that they can make people. Better. And i do not hold to that. So no more running; i aim to misbehave.

Firefly clip: out the airlock

An all time favorite clip from firefly featuring mal (nathan fillion) and jayne (adam baldwin). Firefly: the complete series on blu-ray is out now!

Firefly clip: the negotiator

One of our favorite clips showcasing mals (nathan fillion) unmatched negotiation skills. Firefly: the complete series on blu-ray is out now!

Mals song - hd widescreen

The official music video for the song mals song by michelle dockrey escape key. This is the official edit approved by michelle. This is the new widescreen.

Malcolm reynolds river - monster skillet

The self reflection and philosophy of captain malcolm reynolds and river tam from the tv show firefly and the movie serenity. Song: monster by skillet.