Remington ammunition rebate 2013

223 remington, 55gr hp, wolf polyformance, velocity and gel test

Ammo donated by corpsie! test gun: zastava m85 pap, 10 barrel, stag model 1l, 16 barrel, franken ar-15,.

Ballistics test 22 lr cci mini mag vs car door - ballistics ammo test - penetration test

Poboyspecial had a request from a viewer. The question was asked if we would shoot a 22lr round (preferably fmj - copper coated) throught the heritage arms.

Remington 870 express super magnum, the first and last shotgun you will ever need.

Hello, and welcome to the tacticool project, working everyday to bring you the best guns, gear, and knife channel available on youtube. In todays video, we are.

Remington vs hornady accutips vs ssts slugs/ sabots

Doing a lil shot comparison here between the remington accutips and hornady ssts. Shooting at 50 yards, using a rossi single shot rifled barrel. The gun is.

Gel test: 7.62x39 wolf hollow point bullet expansion in clear ballistic gel

Can the wolf do better than the bear did? Of course is can!

12 gauge deer slug gy6 ballistics test 2

Testing out winchester partition gold-12gauge 2 3/4in- 385gr 1700fps- deer slugs this test is using clear ballistics fbi grade ballistics gelatin. I would love.

Dpms sportical 16 review

Price paid 399.9925 shipping and handling-30 rebate395.00 tested at range: ran 200 rounds of pmc and wolf gold brass cased ammo. Only brass.

Savage axis 30-06. fresh out of the box. review. the first shots.

Savage axis 30-06. We are always short one gun on opening deer hunting. This was perhaps a good gun at a great price for what you are getting. Here are my.

Walmart raises ammunition prices!

1,000 rounds of wolf polyformance.223 rem.

This is a great time to stock up on ammo that we couldnt find not even a year ago. This is a quick look at what this new production ammo looks like.