Really scary stories about babysitters

4 terrifying babysitting stories

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5 true scary babysitting stories

We all worry about what could go wrong while babysitting, but who would think things could get this bad. Check out the original posts of these stories below:.

6 scary true babysitting stories

Warning! Some of these stories are genuinely disturbing and will make you think twice before leaving your kids alone with a babysitter or taking a babysitting job.

3 true creepy babysitting stories

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Two true scary stories from babysitters

These are two stories told to me firsthand by two women who had terrifying experiences while babysitting. These are original stories that have not been heard.

Scariest babysitting storytime late night visitor

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2 disturbing true babysitting horror stories volume 2

Here are 2 accounts of peoples horrific encounters they have had while babysitting. Warning! Some of these stories are genuinely disturbing. You can get.

5 creepiest babysitter stories

From the kids your babysitting being very scary and acting possesed to hearing voices around the house, we count down 5 creepiest babysitter stories.

Three true scary babysitting stories that take place during thunderstorms

Here are three submitted true scary stories from babysitters that take place during thunderstorms. All stories were submitted anonymously. Pictures from.

Storytime babysitting in a haunted house - i called the police!!

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