Battery powered portable heater coffee
Coffee bike euromaxx

Two young germans have set up a company selling cups of coffee on coffee bikes. Tobias zimmer and jan sander built a coffee-bar on a 3-wheeled bike.

Stay warm this winter: cpu hand warmer

Twitter facebook: more project info on instructables (parts list, arduino code):.

Dangerous 240v coffee-cutor (coffee cup electrode boiler.)

Oh yeah! I didnt think id find one of these on ebay, but here it is. A mains voltage electrode boiler for making coffee or tea by passing mains current directly.

Milk frothers: battery operated vs glass vs stainless steel vs electric milk frother

Milk frothers guide which one is the best for you? In this video we use: battery operated milk frother by aerolatte - glass milk frother by bonjour - stainless.

How to make a mini battery powered soldering iron

In todays video i am going to show how to make a diy mini soldering iron that runs on two aa batteries. It is very easy and cost friendly to make such an.

How to make a homemade gadget - aa battery coffee warmer!

How it works: you know how electricity spreads through water? Well it spreads through coffee (which is mostly water) too! You use the earbud wire to create a.

Basecamp by mr. heater battery operated shower system feature

The basecamp b. o. s. s is the most advanced, portable hot water generator in the world. All you need is a charged battery, water, and a 1lb. Propane cylinder to.

Homemade metal can air heater! survival/shtf air heater! - diy (uses no electricity!)

Homemade metal can air heater diy. No grid power needed (run on alcohol). Delivers high temps. Great for heating and cooking. Use during shtf/emergency,.

Coffee heater

This coffee heater is cheapest and the best designed heater out there. It costs rs 500 around 10. This video review is brought to you by.

Usb coffee cup

Function: in-set li battery. Use portably. Can recharge repeatly magnetic water in-set heating and warming function automatic stirring function compatible with.