Baggage carousel maintenance
Riding the airport tram to the baggage claim at orlando international airport

Filmed on june 14, 2015: i never knew that there was another tram here as i thought it was a renovated part, but some maintenance member told me that this is.

Siemens baggage handling system dubai international

Looking behind the scenes at a major airport is an exciting experience: how do they manage to handle countless bags for millions and millions of passengers?

Baggage claim

Getting hung up on the details - coach gigs daily locker room

The yard maintenance maniac in edmonton - tree and shrub maintenance plus plenty of wacky moments

Follow along a crazy day with rudi. Meeting a new client for a one time yard spring cleanup in edmonton, dropping off marking flags for a clients irrigation.

Brompton bicycle and suitcase trailer kit - getting off the plane and converting into a cyclist

Once again i have to travel to oulu, finland for work. Last time i traveled there, i made a small video (visible at .

1912 cw parker carousel

How to read an electrical diagram lesson 1

We begin with a basics fuel pump & relay diagram.

Tail end of holiday traffic still coming through

American airlines and delta air lines have canceled dozens of flights today as they continue their i

Headline delta and aa cancel about 600 flights caption: hundreds of flights are expected to be canceled through early friday.